August 2015
Had a problem with my hamstrings every time i run. Been to many physiotherapy clinic but pain was never gone permanently. The best thing about Platinum Physio is they take time and effort to accurately diagnose your problem. I had hamstrings tendonitis and im back running again now. Thank you Jeffry.  
August 2015
The best thing that happened to me is Platinum Physiotherapy! I have been going for my hand anyways....its a year now since my injury on the sets. Recently i sprained my neck n shoulder after travelling. Jeffry and Kaiyisah do wonders. The massage they give really makes me feel so relaxed! They are the best. Thanks Jeff !  
August 2015
"I am now able to lift more weight at the gym"

I started visiting Jeffry Sasitharan in July, 2014 after receiving a doctor’s referral for physiotherapy to help me relieve an ongoing pain I had in my left forearm. Prior to seeing Jeffry, the pain was chronic and so debilitating that I could not lift anything of a significant weight (i.e. a bag of garbage, a basket of laundry) with that arm. Consequently, my performance at the gym deteriorated and I noticed that I was losing my stamina, strength and energy. My sleep was also compromised because I was not keeping myself as fit as I would like and the pain was so great, it would keep me awake at night. Since seeing Jeffry on a regular basis, I am amazed at how much I have improved. Through the use of ultrasound, acupuncture, stretches, exercises and use of equipment, he improved not only the condition of my arm, but also the range of motion and flexibility in my neck and shoulders as well as my posture. Consequently, the pain that was once in my forearm is now gone and I have surpassed its original level strength as I am now able to lift more weight at the gym. My stamina and energy have also improved and my sleep has returned to normal as I no longer wake up with pain. Jeffry was always very patient and professional as he calmly took me through each exercise, describing its reason for inclusion, goal and proper mechanics. He answered any questions I had and used his professional expertise to help me program my gym workouts so that I could achieve maximum results without further injury.

This place has real expertise and is focused on getting you well and back on your feet, rather than maximizing the number of visits you make. For the charges it's quite reasonable. Highly recommended!
July 2015
Very competent and caring. Excellent choice for your physiotherapy needs...  
July 2015
"Terrible ankle pain from outdoor games"

I would strongly suggest to my family & friends and those with Ankle pain should give a call or seek Mr.Jeffry for consultation or check up to know your options and recovery process.

My big Thank You, to you Mr.Jeffry from Platinum. I had a terrible Ankle pain from my outdoor games. I met Mr.Jeffry during my hospital follow up's and I told him about my problem. After few treatments and follow up sessions from him. Now I don't have the Ankle pain anymore and with his advice I may do my outdoor activities as usual but in control manner. I would strongly suggest to my family & friends and those with Ankle pain should give a call or seek Mr.Jeffry for consultation or check up to know your options and recovery process. Once again thank you very much Mr.Jeffry for your help and advice.  
July 2015
Quick and informative response
July 2015
"Seemed very experienced with these injuries"

I had a muscle pull injury and needed very fast recovery and therefore treatment. Jeffry from Platinum was able to fit me into his schedule and short notice and treat me effectively. I believe he can treat many different types of injuries and he seems very experienced with muscle pulls and tears.

I chose the clinic because they had a good reputation and are in a very convenient location for me. The sports massage and treatment for my muscle pull has been great and I'm continuing multiple sessions with Jeffry who seems very experienced with these kinds of injuries.
June 2015
One thing is for sure, people come especially for Mr. Jeffry and any organisation that had the privilege of employing him in the past gained so much from just that. Now, this is such an amazing effort. He has such a great personality and so much passion for what he does.
February 2015
If you need a person who will be at the right wavelength as you need, do visit Platinum Physiotherapy. The first step to a physical healing will be mental confidence and emotional strength. No doubts attaining all these with the champion Mr. Jeffry at Platinum. Being a T-12 spinal cord injury patients, I was given the confidence to be all well again slowly but surely and the route is clearly paved. The best decision I have made in my recovery process will be engaging with Jeffry and I will strongly recommend this place for any runs.  
January 2015
I couldnt bend my knee after 8 weeks of my tibia shaft fracture. It is stiff and painful. After 1 session with Jeffrey, I can bend to 70 degrees and now looking forward to rebuild my hip muscle.The sessions with Jeffrey is not painful and stress free.  
January 2015
Ini physio, Encik Jeffry sangat baik dan cekap dari segi diagnosis dan juga pemulihan. Sangat jujur dan hanya memberi keterangan yang bagus untuk difahami. Masalah leher yang saya alami selama 8 tahun akibat kemalangan dapat diselesaikan di sini selepas hanya rawatan 3 bulan. Terima Kasih encik jeffry
December 2014
Good place, good physiotherapist. My relative suffered from stroke and could walk well after coming here.
October 2014
This physio centre is easily accessible for a SCI patient like myself. It is just next to the disabled parking spot which is a covered basement car park and the disabled toilet is just a few meters away. In Jeffrey, you have a physiotherapist who is well known all over Malaysia and who has more than 13 years of experience in Spinal Cord Injury and Stroke cases. He also has expertise in other areas of rehabilitation and recovery as he is also extremely knowledgeable and super friendly guy. I highly recommend this centre.
November 2014
Very prompt reply and my husband is happy with the service
September 2014
I have been having ongoing treatment for a SCI at Platinum Rehab.

Jeffry is one of the most knowledgable and experiences physio's in Malaysia in treating SCI and stroke issues. The premises are small but private and each session the Physio is totally dedicated to treating the individual. There is disabled parking only 5 meters from the front door. The price per session is certainly affordable and good value for money compared to many of the other centers I looked at.

Extremely happy that I found Platinum Physio.