Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation

Neuro Physiotherapy is specialised therapy for individuals who have experienced injury to the nervous system which can occur either in the brain, spinal cord or the peripheral nerves to the face, body, arms or legs. This may be due to disease, surgery or accident.

Due to the complexity of the nervous system individuals can present with a significant variation of motor, sensory and cognitive deficits such as; paralysis, poor coordination/balance, spasms/tremors, impaired sense of temperature, pressure or vibration, difficulties with speech, swallow or vision. Some individuals may experience problems with concentration, planning or short term memory. With Neurological disorders caused by illness, accidents or congenital injuries, the neurological pathways connecting the brain and body become disrupted, resulting in the body not functioning ‘normally’.

Motor nerve, sensation and brain patterns can all be affected and the disruption may be temporary or permanent. Medical diagnosis, advice and outlook are often very uncertain. What is certain, is that your body feels and behaves differently and you will be uncomfortable with this.

You may be worried, afraid and angry. Your daily life may be affected adversely. You would like to try and get better, to learn how to manage the changes and to do something positive to improve your situation.

You would like to Improve your physical and functional ability, Learn how to manage the changes in your body or Do something positive to improve your situation.